Applications of Actuarial Science

Its applications are found in various fields of the financial sector such as Life insurance, Casualty insurance, Property insurance, Health insurance, Reinsurance; Calculation of Pension and other retirement benefits, Asset Valuation, Liability Valuation; Pricing of Shares, Bonds and their Derivatives; Risk Assessment, Risk Management and so on.

In United States, United Kingdom and some developed countries Pricing of Products and Services is often done with the help of Actuarial Science.

World over, fair derivative prices are determined by actuaries using complex mathematical models. The latest application of Actuarial Science is found in Financial Risk Management. In fact, actuaries are the experts in assessing the financial impact or financial risks of future uncertainties. Late Professor G. S. Diwan, an eminent Indian actuary and educationist, used to say: "Wherever there is uncertainty, there is scope for actuarial science".

We are glad to announce that Registration for Admission Process for 2018-19 is in progress.

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We are proud to announce FIVE more Actuaries (qualified in 2017) from amongst our alumni:

1. Divya Dadlani, Fellow of Institute of Acrtuaries of India

2. Jinal Pandit Sheth, Fellow of Institute of Actuaries of India and Institute and Faculty of Actuaries, UK 

3. Kshitij Shah, Fellow of Institute and Facuty of Actuaries, UK

4. Krithika Verma, Fellow of Institute of Actuaries of India

5. Siddarth Narayan, Fellow Actuary of Institute and Faculty of Actuaries, UK. 

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Hearty Congratulations to

[1] Kshitij Shah for standing First in CA3 examination held by Institute of Actuaries of India in July, 2017

[2] Albina Chettiar for securing highest marks in the subject of ST2 in the examination of institute of Actuaries of India held in September, 2017.

Congratulations to all our students for putting up an excellent performance at IAI exam. held in September, 2017 and IFoA, UK held in October, 2017
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