Mission Statement and Objectives


Our mission is to help India and other developing countries to improve their decision making practices by enabling a sound actuarial information base leading to adoption of superior public policies. We intend to achieve this by promoting research and producing risk managers who will create and analyze new actuarial models through rigorous research and lead to superior decisions.

.To be pioneer in providing learning facilities to men and women for pursuing their career in actuarial applications including risk management through well-designed study material and trained competent faculties.   

.To initiate and promote research to support scientific actuarial consulting practices   

.To contribute to the formulation of sound public policy by active participation with actuarial inputs.   

.To conduct training programs with emphasis on various aspects of quantitative finance for the executives /           decision-makers of today and tomorrow.   

.To collaborate with Universities, Actuarial Societies and other institutions in India and abroad to promote              actuarial education.

Admission Process Application Forms are Available at our office for the academic year 2017-18.
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We are delighted to announce one more alumnus to qualify as Fellow of Institute of Actuaries of India in March 2017: Divya Dadlani. Congratulations to Divya and Team DSACtEd!
Hearty Congratulations to our T. Y. B. Sc. student: DIVYAM SANKHARVA FOR Heading the PASS LIST of CT8 examination held by Institute of Actuaries of India in September, 2016
Congratulations to all our students for putting up a good show at IAI exam. held in March, 2017
We are proud to announce successes of our alumni at the April, 2016 examination held by Institute of Actuaries of India:-Shilpi Jain has qualified as Fellow Actuary Krupa Shah has topped Pass list of ST4 Rushabh Shah has topped ST6 Pass List. Hearty Congratulations to all of them and many others who passed in various subjects!!!
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