Outstanding Performance by DSACTED Students/Alumni

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Of the students trained by DSACTED Team 13 have become Fellows of Institute Actuaries of India/UK. They are:

  • Subha Neelakanthan (2009)
  • Pranshu Maheshwari (2010)
  • Mayur Ankolekar (2010)
  • Mehul Shah (2010)
  • Chetan Toshniwal  (2011)
  • Aditi Parekh (2012)
  • Prashansa Jain (2014)
  • Santosh Charan (2014)
  • Vishal Ahuja (2015)
  • Shalmale Paralkar (2015)
  • Neha Podar (2016)
  • Shilpi Jain (2016)
  • Divya Dadlani (2017)


From amongst our students, the following stood FIRST in their respective examinations of Institute of Actuaries, India:

  • Hiren Parmar,  November 2008, CT4
  • Hiren Parmar,  May 2009, CT5
  • Swathy Subramanian, October 2009, CT4
  • Mehul Shah, October 2009, SA3
  • Chetan Toshniwal, May 2010, ST5
  • Rini Patel, May 2011, CT1
  • Hiren Parmar, November 2011, ST4
  • Chetan Toshniwal, November 2011, SA6
  • Kshitij Shah, May 2012, CT1
  • Shilpi Jain, November 2012, CT8
  • Nidhi Gadia, May 2014, CT1
  • Nidhi Gadia, May 2015, CT4
  • Nikita Prabhu, May 2015, CT7
  • Mohammed Noman Shaikh, May 2015, ST8
  • Divya Dadlani, November 2015, SA4
  • Neha Podar, May 2016, CA3
  • Krupa Shah, April 2016, ST4
  • Rushabh Shah, April 2016, ST6
  • Divyam Sankharva, September 2016, CT8

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We are delighted to announce one more alumnus to qualify as Fellow of Institute of Actuaries of India in March 2017: Divya Dadlani. Congratulations to Divya and Team DSACtEd!
Hearty Congratulations to our T. Y. B. Sc. student: DIVYAM SANKHARVA FOR Heading the PASS LIST of CT8 examination held by Institute of Actuaries of India in September, 2016
Congratulations to all our students for putting up a good show at IAI exam. held in March, 2017
We are proud to announce successes of our alumni at the April, 2016 examination held by Institute of Actuaries of India:-Shilpi Jain has qualified as Fellow Actuary Krupa Shah has topped Pass list of ST4 Rushabh Shah has topped ST6 Pass List. Hearty Congratulations to all of them and many others who passed in various subjects!!!
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