Actuary India Magazine : Year 2016


 The names of students, alumni and faculties are highlighted.


 December 2016


 1)            Parallel Session on Regulating Insurance Industry including IAIS Core Principles


 Session Name: Expanding risks in the era of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC)


 Moderator: Ms. Subha Neelakantan; SCOR, India      ----     Page 20 & 21



 September 2016


 1)            Pension: Leave Availment and Actuarial Valuations by Mr. Akshay Pandit & Mr. Nirav Mehta  --- Page 16 to 20



 August 2016


1)            12th Seminar on Current Issues in Retirement Benefits (Pension) by Mr. Mohammed Noman Shaikh   ----   Page 6 to 9


2)            Session 4: Valuation, Recognition and Disclosures for ESOPs


Speaker: Mr. Mayur Ankolekar, Consulting Actuary   ----   Page 7




3)            Session 5: Panel discussion on Actuarial Valuations


Speakers: Mr. Arpan Thanawala, Consulting Actuary; Mr. Bhavesh Rupani, Director & CFO at Axis Capital; Mr. Jayesh Pandit, Practicing CA & Actuarial Consultant; Mr. Amit Majmudar, Partner – Assurance, SR Batliboi   ----  Page 7 & 8


4)            Session 7: Analysis of leave availment during employment for various industries


Speakers: Mr. Jayesh Pandit, Practicing CA & Actuarial Consultant; Mr. Noman Shaikh, Actuarial Consultant ---- Page 9



 July 2016


 25th India Fellowship Seminar


 1)            Session 3: Increasing Longevity-Financing the post-retiral needs


Presenters: Ms. Palak Chauhan ,Mr. Kartikey Laxmanprasad Kandoi    -----  Page 9


2)            Session 4: Impact of Ind AS 104 in Life Insurance Reporting


 Presenters: Ms. Jinal Hemant Sheth, Ms. Ankur V Goel, Mr. Tribhuvanaram Sundaramurti  ----- Page 9



 June 2016


 1)            Toppers Interview


Ms. Neha Podar CA3 Topper, March 2016   ---   Page 23



 May 2016


 1)            Volatility in Discount Rates by Mr. Akshay Pandit & Ms. Rashi Manek  ----- Page 25 to 27



 April 2016


1)            18thGCA Concurrent Session on ERM by Mr. ChetanToshniwal  ---- Page 12 & 13


2)            3rdCapacity Building Seminar on Ind AS 19


Session 2: Qualitative disclosures under Ind AS 19 ----  Page 15


Speakers: Mr. Y.P. Sabharwal, Mr. Kartikey Kandoi, Mr. Saurabh Kochrekar& Mr. Jenil Shah



 March 2016


 1)            Concurrent Session on Pension


Session: A Curious ContractExploring the nuances of Gold Backed Pension Products Chairperson: Mr. Akshay Pandit   ----   Page 28 & 29


 2)            The Math Stars by Ms. Ridhi Mehta ----- Page 30


 3)            Concurrent Session on Pensions and Employee Benefits


 Session 3: Accounting and Actuarial Aspects of Ind AS 19   ----- Page 34 & 35


Speakers: Mr. Akshay Pandit, Partner, M/s KA Pandit, Mr. Kartikey Kandoi, Actuarial Analyst, M/s. K. A. Pandit.





 1)            Tuning the IFRS Adaptation by Mr. Mayur Ankolekar   ----  Page 6 to 8


 2)            Analysis of Pension Cost in India by Mr. Akshay Pandit and Mr. Mohammed Noman Shaikh---  Page 14 & 15





 1)            Joint Capacity Building Seminar in General Insurance and Micro-Insurance


Session 1: Mr. Mayur Ankolekar, Secretary of the Advisory Group on Micro insurance, welcome the audience & the speakers. ----- Page 6


 Session 2: Understanding the basics of LaTex


Speaker: Ms. Shruti Shetty – Senior Associate – Ankolekar & Co. ----- Page 6


 2)            24th India Fellowship Seminar


a) Session 2: Mediclaim policies' pricing for different cities/ hospitals


Presenters: Mr. Pawan Kumar Sharma, Ms. Khushboo Hamirbasia and Ms. Neha Kamalkumar Podar, guided by Mr. Suresh Sindhi    ------   Page 8


b) Session6: Reserving for Guarantees in Non-Participating Products


Presenters: Mr. Ripudaman Sethi, Ms. Shilpi Jain and Ms. Krithika Verma guided by Mr. Akshay Dhand.


3)            Insurance Market and its Regulation in United Arab Emirates by Mr. Akshay Pandit & Ms. Rashi Manaek   -----   Page 16 & 17







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We are proud to announce that our alumnus Rushabh Shah is qualified as a Fellow Actuary of India in 2018.

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PLease join us in Congratulating Rushabh for this achievement.

We also congratulate all students and alumni for sterling performance in March 2018 exam. of IAI.

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We are proud to announce FIVE more Actuaries (qualified in 2017) from amongst our alumni:

1. Divya Dadlani, Fellow of Institute of Actuaries of India

2. Jinal Pandit Sheth, Fellow of Institute of Actuaries of India and Institute and Faculty of Actuaries, UK 

3. Kshitij Shah, Fellow of Institute and Facuty of Actuaries, UK

4. Krithika Verma, Fellow of Institute of Actuaries of India

5. Siddarth Narayan, Fellow Actuary of Institute and Faculty of Actuaries, UK. 

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Hearty Congratulations to

[1] Kshitij Shah for standing First in CA3 examination held by Institute of Actuaries of India in July, 2017

[2] Albina Chettiar for securing highest marks in the subject of ST2 in the examination of institute of Actuaries of India held in September, 2017.

Congratulations to all our students for putting up an excellent performance at IAI exam. held in March, 2018 and IFoA, UK held in April, 2018
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